Quality management

The Weidemann-Gruppe is committed to quality that is independently audited.

All of our company's infrastructural services are regularly assessed and certified by TÜV. This certification confirms that we satisfy the relevant standards. They involve our organizational procedures, manufacturing and service processes, provision of the necessary resources, and maintaining operational safety.

Quality policy

The reliable quality of our services is one of the foundations our successful business activities are built on. Constantly ensuring the satisfaction of our partners and continuously improving them are among our highest priorities.

Every single employee contributes to the assurance of our quality standards through their individual performance. All employees are duty-bound to comply with the regulations applicable within their area of responsibility, to constantly monitor their effectiveness, and to adapt them to the latest findings and requirements. Through continuous further training, we promote quality-conscious behavior among our employees, both within and outside the company. For us, acting in a quality-conscious manner also means utilizing valuable resources efficiently and sparingly.

We provide all the means necessary for the fulfillment of quality goals and the enforcement of the quality policy. Via internal audits, the management regularly assesses the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system.

Environmental policy

In our company, environmental protection is a key component of the corporate policy. We are aware that our actions affect the environment. Hence, we feel obliged to reduce this impact to a minimum as far as economically and technically possible. This requires the identification and evaluation of environmental aspects, as well as the achievement and assessment of defined environmental goals.

In order to reconcile profitable service provision with environmentally sound decisions, we see it as a matter of course to comply with legal and official regulations and other environmental interests, as well as the environmental protection standards we set ourselves, but also to exceed them wherever possible.

Each employee an integral part of our management system. It is their duty and responsibility to prevent unnecessary environmental pollution. Through awareness and training, we promote environmentally conscious behavior on the part of our employees both inside and outside the company. Managers are duty-bound to enforce the appropriate management practices within their area of responsibility, to constantly monitor their effectiveness, and to adapt them to the latest findings and requirements.

All the advantages at a glance

  • Structured quality workflows
  • Validated manufacturing and service processes
  • Full provision of required resources
  • Ensuring of operational reliability