In addition to a dual leadership structure in overall management,  the Weidemann-Gruppe has a team of five members  on the Executive Board.  The operational implementation of the corporate strategy  is the responsibility of the directors and department heads.

Robert Weidemann
Managing Partner, Weidemann-Gruppe

Since 2003, Robert Weidemann has contributed the knowledge he gained from his business management degree to the Weidemann-Gruppe. Early on, he was responsible for finance, accounting and controlling in the company, but now holds the position of overall managing director.

Dominik Schröter
Managing Partner, Weidemann-Gruppe

After completing his studies in Trier, Dominik Schröter has been applying his expertise at the Weidemann-Gruppe since 2010. He initially worked in controlling, but now holds the position of managing director.

Bernd Weidemann
Advisory Board Chair and Partner

Company founder Bernd Weidemann actively serves as chairman of the Advisory Board of the Weidemann-Gruppe.

Andreas Marx
Managing Director, WEIDEMANN Consulting / Commercial Director

With long-standing experience in the SME sector, Andreas Marx is responsible for finance and accounting, controlling, human resources and IT as both a commercial director and managing director.

Britta Kirchner
Member of the Executive Board

As a member of the Executive Board, Britta Kirchner is in charge of national sales at the Weidemann-Gruppe. She has been with the company since 2002 and impresses with her many years of expertise.

Business Unit – Facility Management

M. Penzel
Business Unit Director – WEIDEMANN Facility Management
N. Leetz
Division Manager – WEIDEMANN Facility Management

Business Unit –Catering

D. Ehrle
Business Unit Director – WEIDEMANN Catering
S. Völckert
Division Manager – WEIDEMANN Catering

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