By optimizing employee benefits in your business, you not only boost employee motivation but also productivity, morale and loyalty to your company. We put our expertise to work for you and provide support in managing company restaurants, cafeterias or bistros.

In addition to modern space planning, we focus on innovative complete solutions. New payment systems and the display of digital menus on mobile devices provide more satisfaction and flexibility for your guests. We will find your qualified kitchen staff with the help of our employee recruiting platform.

Employee catering

  • Digitization (app)
  • Digital menu design
  • Promotional weeks/menus
  • Breakfast catering
  • Lunch
  • Vespers
  • Beverage supply
  • Vending machine service

Conference service

  • Event supply
  • Event planning
  • Buffet planning
  • Personnel and equipment planning
  • Conference packages
  • Beverage supply